Франк Мюллер Новатор времени 25-летие часового дома

Февраль - 2017

Founded in 1992 by the talented watchmaker Franck Muller, in collaboration with a specialist of fine watchmaking (Vardan Sirmakes), the watch house of Franck Muller, today, needs no introduction. This is, perhaps, the most recognisable watch designer and manufacturer in the world of deluxe-class timepieces. Comparing it to luxury cars, a Franck Muller watch is like having a Bugatti or Aston Martin on your wrist. Over the 25 years of its existence, the company went from a modest mono-brand company operating mainly to fill orders for a select circle of customers to becoming a powerful and influential group in its industry. Among collectors from around the world, Franck Muller has become known as an expert in the restoration of antique watches ever since his training at the Geneva School of Watchmaking.

He has collaborated with many great auction houses, giving him a genuine knowledge of the watchmaking world. At some point, Franck Muller began to think seriously about the full essence of a watch and concluded that it does not merely tell time, but also attracts the attention of others with its “bling”.

Today, Franck Muller is acknowledged as a master of complex clockworks (Master of Complications), with an intense focus on design, rather than simply mechanisms. He concentrates, firstly, on how the hours will be represented on the face and then he creates the mechanisms needed to complete the functional masterpiece. Each year, he manages to show the world at least one or two new unique timepieces never before seen in history. The motto of the Franck Muller Group Watchland SA is “Creating something new is always possible”.

Now, Franck Muller often engages in private orders. The manufacture controls fall to the second founder of the company and its co-owner, Vartan Sirmakes, who has spent many years in Muller’s shadow. From the beginning of the brand’s foundation, he has been engaged in manufacturing cases for Franck Muller and the idea to create a jewellery line belongs to him. Today, Franck Muller Group Watchland SA manufactures, on its own, all of the watch components, including the body, dials, bracelets, glass and machinery. The same is true of its jewellery line.

Franck Muller is known as a great master in the construction of such complex pieces as the tourbillon, which provides far greater accuracy to the watch. Unique to the Muller watches, the tourbillon is actually visible from the front, making his collections that much more unique and sought-after.

25th anniversary

Franck Muller is not just a master of complicated watches, but also a master of their beautiful presentation. This applies not only to design, but also to how Franck Muller presents his new models to the public. The company is confident that their unique watches are worthy of specially organized premieres. Thus, in 1998, Franck Muller refused to participate in the Geneva show and began to pursue his own presentation event at the Villa Gentil, naming it (without false modesty) the World Premiére Haute Horlogerie (WPHH), which competes, in scale and light, with all of the Geneva watch exhibitions of art (SIHH). This year, a special effort was made to celebrate celebrated the 25th anniversary of the company. In honour of this event, organised in the grand palace of the Geneva Chateau du Grand Malagny, there was an exhibition visited by more than 2500 professionals from the watch world. The culmination of the event was a magnificent gala evening attended by 600 guests from around the world.

Presentation of new watch models, including the Gravity™ Skeleton, the Vanguard™ Skeleton Sapphire and the Vanguard™ 7 Days Power Reserve Skeleton, occupied a completely new exhibition area. The extremely glamorous gala evening was enjoyed by enthusiastic visitors from around the world who recognised the place where beauty, quality and glamour met in the world of timepieces.



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